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     About NONSOFT

    We were originally developing software and video games before making music.  We have a great interest in exploring the techniques of procedural generation and algorithmic generation for all types of computerized content, whether it is for games, art, or music.

    Why Music? (The Algo Jazz Story)


Nonsoft was originally a software and video game developer.  While trying to create songs for our games, we found almost none of our musical creations suitable for a game soundtrack.  Our frustration turned to opportunity when we realized that these odd tunes might make for great jazz music.  The end result was often quite remarkable, with songs like "The Best Days" (Algo Jazz, Track # 02) and "Ten Nineteen" (Algo Jazz, Track # 07) emerging from the chaos of our experimentation.  Since then, Nonsoft has continued to create and release music in many genres including jazz, Latin, and techno, as we strive to further refine our techniques.

    About the Nonsoft Album Covers


    Many of our album covers feature computer-generated imagery.  It was only fitting to have computer-generated art grace the covers of our albums of computer-generated music.












"NONSOFT" is a registered trademark of Non Software, Inc.