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Binary Latin

by Nonsoft


Binary Latin by Nonsoft


Binary Latin, the second album from Nonsoft,

contains an all-new sound on 15 Latin-themed guitar songs.



Binary Latin Music Samples:

01.  Tropicale

02.  One Zero Tango

03.  Five Guitars at the Beach

04.  How Fast It All Goes By

05.  Fuera

06.  Torero

07.  Lucha Binaria

08.  Playing Around

09.  Reluctantly Showing Off

10.  Don't Let it End This Way

11.  Walking On

12.  There Can Be No More

13.  Waiting

14.  Six String Lullaby, Part 1

15.  Six String Lullaby, Part 2



More samples for slower connections are available on the Binary Latin Tracks Page.

Binary Latin from Nonsoft is available for sale at many retailers worldwide.

More information can be found at the Nonsoft Music Store page.
















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