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Random Heart

by Nonsoft


Random Heart by Nonsoft


Random Heart is the third album from Nonsoft,

containing 14 jazz-centric piano tunes with

hints of Latin, classical, and swing influences.



Random Heart Music Samples:

01.  Azure

02.  Never Good Enough

03.  Mixitup

04.  Another Day of This

05.  Same Old Wrong Carousel

06.  A Case For Bass

07.  Not My Day

08.  Out By Nine

09.  Arriving At Ten

10.  Club of Aces I

11.  Club of Aces II

12.  Cooling Time

13.  A Way Around It

14.  Some Things Can Mend...Sometimes




More samples for slower connections are available

on the Random Heart Tracks Page.

Random Heart from Nonsoft is available for sale at many retailers worldwide.

More information can be found at the Nonsoft Music Store page.
















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